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söndag 8 januari 2012

American doll

Hello! I´m an American doll. Made in Sweden.

I´m very tall. 48 cm. At least my dress is very long. 66 cm.
In inchs? 18,9 and 26. The sleeve lace is old as well as the skirtfabric. The blue checkered cloth is old as well but the starry tape fabric was bought in America.
My face is embroidered, naturally!

I´m very good at hanging beautifully on the wall but I can also sit nicely next to a bowl ; ) Close to the hyacinths and the red Christmas ball.

Material: Bomullskropp stoppad med polyesterfyllning.
Kläder i bomull, håret är gjort av lingarn.

Pris: 265:- + frakt 35:-

Frågor: maila till gunilla@sprakfale.se

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